Is a little trouble in the bedroom making you feel like less of a man?

That lack of self-confidence can impact a lot more than your love life.  As you get older, your sexual performance decreases because the blood vessels that supply blood to your penis begin to collapse or get clogged.

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is a common condition characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection during sexual activity.  There are varying degrees of Erectile Dysfunction.  Some men are able to achieve an erection, but with less than 100% of their erectile potential.  For others, they can achieve an erection, but have difficulty maintaining it to the end of sexual intercourse.  Lastly, some men need the assistance of an ED medication to achieve an erection and perform.

GAINSWave is a scientifically proven PAINLESS therapy that uses high frequency acoustical waves that can help with to Erectile Dysfunction. The GAINSWave is a remarkable non-invasive drug free treatment that restores blood flow to the penis by stimulating the growth of new blood vessels.  By applying focused pulses of energy to erectile tissues, it then triggers a response that wakes up dormant stem cells and growth factors in the penis.  These new growth factors stimulate the creation of new blood vessels, remove vascular plaque and rejuvenate erectile tissue.

Men’s Health magazine recently called this revolutionary treatment the new Viagra.  The Urology Times published this study saying, “treatment success seen even in men who would not respond to the most common oral ED medications.”  And, even the prestigious National Institutes of Health found that the treatment works on men who previously failed to respond to PDE inhibitors, like Viagra and Cialis.

One GAINSWave patient said, “I didn’t have a problem getting an erection but they weren’t as strong and they weren’t as intense as they are now.  Oh, after the GAINSWave I noticed a firmer and fuller penis and the erections were much harder and much stronger.”
Another man said, “I’ve seen a larger penis.  I’ve seen much stronger erections.  I’ve seen more sensitivity.”

GAINSWave is drug and surgery free, is completely non-invasive, and has little or no known side effects.  It’s a simple in office procedure with each procedure lasting only 20 – 30 minutes.  It provides long lasting results with little to no downtime.

Don’t sit there and think you have to lead a less than satisfactory love life.  Say good bye to trouble in the bedroom with GAINSWave. Find more details at Rorick Health and Sexual Wellness Institute, erectile dysfunction

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Transcribed and augmented by Debra Dixon, July 13, 2018